Monday, June 6, 2011

How to Integrate/ add drivers to XP CD Manually

Each and every time you reinstall XP after format you need to install hardware drivers each and every time along with XP. If you have more than one PC in that case it is very difficult to install every driver (chipset, sound, graphics, LAN and so on) on every PC is very difficult. Now you know why to integrate hardware drivers to XP installation disc (CD).

How to Integrate?

I have divided this guide into two sections:
  •  Creating Local Source.
  •  Adding Driver.
Creating Local Source:

  • Create a directory (Folder) in anywhere in your hard drive.
  •  Put your XP cd into CD Rom drive.
  •  Copy entire disc elements to that particular folder that we created earlier.
  •  Direct to that folder and create another folder with the name of “$OEM$”.
  •  Create another folder inside the $OEM$ folder with the name $1 .
  •  Insert hardware driver CDs into CD ROM and copy all driver file into $1.
  •  There will not be any sub folder in side $1. Each and every driver file will be in same folder.
  •  What you can create some sub folder to make this process easy, folder with the name chipset, graphics, and sound and so on.
  •  Inside those particular folders respective driver files need to be placed.
  •  The folder structure should looks like this :

     Adding Driver.
  • Open note pad and type
[Unattended] on header section and then put below two line OemPnPDriversPath=”chipset\Driver file name;lan\Driver file name” DriverSigningPolicy=Ignore
Remember each and every files path should separated by semicolon “;” . 
  • After adding above thing save that file with the name of WINNT.SIF . Remember that the extention name would be .SIF not .TXT or anything else.
  • Then copy that file into I386 folder and past there.

You just learn how to add driver to XP CD. I will make you understand how to burn(as bootable)it on disc in my Next Guide.


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