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How to Create Multi-boot OS DVD

I.e. This guide only applicable for windows XP, windows vista or for windows 7 multi-bootable OS installation DVD. I have used two XP(one is original and another is customized) source and one seven (7) source. That’s mean three different OS in one DVD.

This guide having five different part or step to make you understand more easily, from my previous post I learned that, those post ware little difficult to understand for a Normal computer User. I’m trying to making it simpler. Your response is highly recommended.

  •  The Core
  •  Ready Boot
  •  Support
  •  Edit
  •  Go

The Core:

  •  Create a directory somewhere and rename it to "SOURCE" (for example in D:\).
  •  Copy All contents of you Vista or 7(Seven) bootable DVD to "D:\SOURCE" directory.
  •  Make a directory inside "SOURCE" directory and rename it "SYS".
  •  Make directories below inside "SYS" directory with the names of "XPEN" and "MYXP".
  •  Copy all contents of "Windows XP sp3 Original English" in D:\SOURCE\SYS\XPEN\ .
  •  Copy all contents of "Windows XP sp3 Customized" in D:\SOURCE\SYS\MYXP\ .
Ready Boot:

  •  Create a directory somewhere and rename it to "BOOT" (for example in D:\).
  •  Create another directory by the name of "XPEN" inside D:\BOOT directory and Copy just I386 Directory of "Windows XP sp3 Original English" CD inside it.
  •  Create another directory by the name of "MYXP" inside D:\BOOT directory and Copy just I386 Directory of "Windows XP sp3 Customized" CD inside it.
  •  Copy all files below from One of XP CD and past those files inside the "BOOT" Directory.
    •   WIN51
    •  WIN51IP
    •  WIN51IP.SP2
    •  WIN51IP.SP3
  • Download BBIE (Bart's Boot Image Extractor) and extract that somewhere. Then copy that file to system32 inside windows folder and past there.
  •  Now put windows 7 DVD inside DVD Rom, We need to extract the boot image form that DVD, to make our DVD bootable.
  •  BBIE is a command line interfaced program, so open command prompt. Go to system root by using CD... .
  •  And type there “Start bbie: X”. Replace “X” with DVD drive latter.
  •  It will extract an Image file, rename that file with this name”SEVEN.BIN” and copy it to D:\BOOT\ directory
  •  Do the same for XP CDs.
  •  Remember rename the image of Original Xp to XPEN.BIN and Custom one to MYXP.BIN and copy those files to D:\BOOT\ directory.

During the setup (TEXT MODE) process of XP some file need to be copied. For that we need to do some magical modification.
  •  We should copy More than 200 files and folder from I386 directory to some place.
  •  To make this process easy, I have created A Batch file with the name of XP.BAT, what I included end of this guide.
  •  Xp.bat is used to extract needed files.
  •  Copy "XP.BAT" to D:\BOOT\MYXP directory and run it. After few seconds, all needed files that are necessary to run "Windows XP sp3 Customized" setup will be extracted to D:\BOOT\MYXP.
  •  Do the same for "Windows XP sp3 Original English.


  • If we burn our DVD just by files above, it will not be bootable, because files are not placed in standard format.
  •  Open "XPEN.BIN" from "BOOT" directory by your favorite hex editor.
  •  Search for string "i386" on it and replace all instances by the word "XPEN". And save that.
  •  Do the same process by file "BOOT\XPEN\SETUPLDR.BIN and save that.
  •  Open "BOOT\XPEN\TXTSETUP.SIF" with notepad, search for "SetupSourcePath" section, you will see that it is as:
          •  SetupSourcePath = "\"
          •  change that to:
          •  SetupSourcePath = "\SYS\XPEN"
  • Do the same process for "Windows XP sp2 Customized" ,just use string "MYXP" in hex editing and address below:
          • SetupSourcePath = "\SYS\MYXP" .
    •  Name of Folders in "BOOT" directory should be just 4 characters.
    •  Name of all directories inside "BOOT" directory should be uppercase.
    •  Name of all edited files should be upper case. 

  •  Download Aero Studio 2008. And Install.
  •  Run Aero, make your project with your favorite pictures and themes.
  •  Use "BOOT" directory as source for aero project.
  •  Use commands below for running setups for different windows. 
          •  bcdw (cd)/SEVEN.BIN for Windows 7.
          •  bcdw (cd)/MYXP.BIN for Customized XP.
          •  bcdw (cd)/XPEN.BIN for Original XP.
  • Make your basic iso by aero (For example d:\MyAero.ISO).
  • Open d:\MyAero.ISO by Ultra iso and add contents of D:\Source directory to iso and save it.
  • That’s it.


Open notepad, write or copy this lines

copy i386\VGA850.FO*
copy i386\C_850.NL*
copy i386\USBEHCI.SY*
copy i386\1394BUS.SY*
copy i386\1394VDBG.SY*
copy i386\ABP480N5.SY*
copy i386\ACPI.SY*
copy i386\ACPIEC.SY*
copy i386\ADPU160M.SY*
copy i386\AHA154X.SY*
copy i386\AIC78U2.SY*
copy i386\AIC78XX.SY*
copy i386\ALIIDE.SY*
copy i386\AMSINT.SY*
copy i386\ASC.SY*
copy i386\ASC3350P.SY*
copy i386\ASC3550.SY*
copy i386\ATAPI.SY*
copy i386\BIOSINFO.IN*
copy i386\BOOTFIX.BI*
copy i386\BOOTVID.DL*
copy i386\CBIDF2K.SY*
copy i386\CD20XRNT.SY*
copy i386\CDFS.SY*
copy i386\CDROM.SY*
copy i386\CLASSPNP.SY*
copy i386\CMDIDE.SY*
copy i386\CPQARRAY.SY*
copy i386\C_1252.NL*
copy i386\C_437.NL*
copy i386\DAC2W2K.SY*
copy i386\DAC960NT.SY*
copy i386\DISK.SY*
copy i386\DMBOOT.SY*
copy i386\DMIO.SY*
copy i386\DMLOAD.SY*
copy i386\DPTI2O.SY*
copy i386\DRVMAIN.SD*
copy i386\FASTFAT.SY*
copy i386\FDC.SY*
copy i386\FLPYDISK.SY*
copy i386\FTDISK.SY*
copy i386\HAL.DL*
copy i386\HALAACPI.DL*
copy i386\HALACPI.DL*
copy i386\HALAPIC.DL*
copy i386\HALMACPI.DL*
copy i386\HALMPS.DL*
copy i386\HALSP.DL*
copy i386\HIDCLASS.SY*
copy i386\HIDPARSE.SY*
copy i386\HIDUSB.SY*
copy i386\HPN.SY*
copy i386\HPT3XX.SY*
copy i386\I2OMGMT.SY*
copy i386\I2OMP.SY*
copy i386\I8042PRT.SY*
copy i386\INI910U.SY*
copy i386\INTELIDE.SY*
copy i386\ISAPNP.SY*
copy i386\KBDA1.DL*
copy i386\KBDA2.DL*
copy i386\KBDA3.DL*
copy i386\KBDAL.DL*
copy i386\KBDARME.DL*
copy i386\KBDARMW.DL*
copy i386\KBDAZE.DL*
copy i386\KBDAZEL.DL*
copy i386\KBDBE.DL*
copy i386\KBDBLR.DL*
copy i386\KBDBR.DL*
copy i386\KBDBU.DL*
copy i386\KBDCA.DL*
copy i386\KBDCLASS.SY*
copy i386\KBDCR.DL*
copy i386\KBDCZ.DL*
copy i386\KBDCZ1.DL*
copy i386\KBDCZ2.DL*
copy i386\KBDDA.DL*
copy i386\KBDDIV1.DL*
copy i386\KBDDIV2.DL*
copy i386\KBDDV.DL*
copy i386\KBDES.DL*
copy i386\KBDEST.DL*
copy i386\KBDFA.DL*
copy i386\KBDFC.DL*
copy i386\KBDFI.DL*
copy i386\KBDFR.DL*
copy i386\KBDGAE.DL*
copy i386\KBDGEO.DL*
copy i386\KBDGKL.DL*
copy i386\KBDGR.DL*
copy i386\KBDGR1.DL*
copy i386\KBDHE.DL*
copy i386\KBDHE220.DL*
copy i386\KBDHE319.DL*
copy i386\KBDHEB.DL*
copy i386\KBDHELA2.DL*
copy i386\KBDHELA3.DL*
copy i386\KBDHEPT.DL*
copy i386\KBDHID.SY*
copy i386\KBDHU.DL*
copy i386\KBDHU1.DL*
copy i386\KBDIC.DL*
copy i386\KBDINDEV.DL*
copy i386\KBDINGUJ.DL*
copy i386\KBDINHIN.DL*
copy i386\KBDINKAN.DL*
copy i386\KBDINMAR.DL*
copy i386\KBDINPUN.DL*
copy i386\KBDINTAM.DL*
copy i386\KBDINTEL.DL*
copy i386\KBDIR.DL*
copy i386\KBDIT.DL*
copy i386\KBDIT142.DL*
copy i386\KBDKAZ.DL*
copy i386\KBDKYR.DL*
copy i386\KBDLA.DL*
copy i386\KBDLT.DL*
copy i386\KBDLT1.DL*
copy i386\KBDLV.DL*
copy i386\KBDLV1.DL*
copy i386\KBDMON.DL*
copy i386\KBDNE.DL*
copy i386\KBDNEC.DL*
copy i386\KBDNO.DL*
copy i386\KBDPL.DL*
copy i386\KBDPL1.DL*
copy i386\KBDPO.DL*
copy i386\KBDRO.DL*
copy i386\KBDRU.DL*
copy i386\KBDRU1.DL*
copy i386\KBDSF.DL*
copy i386\KBDSG.DL*
copy i386\KBDSL.DL*
copy i386\KBDSL1.DL*
copy i386\KBDSP.DL*
copy i386\KBDSW.DL*
copy i386\KBDSYR1.DL*
copy i386\KBDSYR2.DL*
copy i386\KBDTAT.DL*
copy i386\KBDTH0.DL*
copy i386\KBDTH1.DL*
copy i386\KBDTH2.DL*
copy i386\KBDTH3.DL*
copy i386\KBDTUF.DL*
copy i386\KBDTUQ.DL*
copy i386\KBDUK.DL*
copy i386\KBDUR.DL*
copy i386\KBDURDU.DL*
copy i386\KBDUS.DL*
copy i386\KBDUSL.DL*
copy i386\KBDUSR.DL*
copy i386\KBDUSX.DL*
copy i386\KBDUZB.DL*
copy i386\KBDVNTC.DL*
copy i386\KBDYCC.DL*
copy i386\KBDYCL.DL*
copy i386\KD1394.DL*
copy i386\KDCOM.DL*
copy i386\KSECDD.SY*
copy i386\LBRTFDC.SY*
copy i386\L*INTL.NL*
copy i386\MOUNTMGR.SY*
copy i386\MRAID35X.SY*
copy i386\NTDETECT.CO*
copy i386\NTFS.SY*
copy i386\NTKRNLMP.EX*
copy i386\OHCI1394.SY*
copy i386\OPRGHDLR.SY*
copy i386\PARTMGR.SY*
copy i386\PCI.SY*
copy i386\PCIIDE.SY*
copy i386\PCIIDEX.SY*
copy i386\PCMCIA.SY*
copy i386\PERC2.SY*
copy i386\PERC2HIB.SY*
copy i386\QL1080.SY*
copy i386\QL10WNT.SY*
copy i386\QL12160.SY*
copy i386\QL1240.SY*
copy i386\QL1280.SY*
copy i386\RAMDISK.SY*
copy i386\SBP2PORT.SY*
copy i386\SCSIPORT.SY*
copy i386\SERENUM.SY*
copy i386\SERIAL.SY*
copy i386\SETUPDD.SY*
copy i386\SETUPLDR.BI*
copy i386\SETUPP.IN*
copy i386\SETUPREG.HI*
copy i386\SFLOPPY.SY*
copy i386\SLIP.SY*
copy i386\SPARROW.SY*
copy i386\SPCMDCON.SYS
copy i386\SPDDLANG.SY*
copy i386\STREAMIP.SY*
copy i386\SYMC810.SY*
copy i386\SYMC8XX.SY*
copy i386\SYM*HI.SY*
copy i386\SYM*U3.SY*
copy i386\TFFSPORT.SY*
copy i386\TOSIDE.SY*
copy i386\TXTSETUP.SI*
copy i386\ULTRA.SY*
copy i386\USBCCGP.SY*
copy i386\USBD.SY*
copy i386\USBHUB.SY*
copy i386\USBOHCI.SY*
copy i386\USBPORT.SY*
copy i386\USBSTOR.SY*
copy i386\USBUHCI.SY*
copy i386\VGA.SY*
copy i386\VGAOEM.FO*
copy i386\VIAIDE.SY*
copy i386\VIDEOPRT.SY*
copy i386\WMILIB.SY*

mkdir SYSTEM32
copy i386\system32\*.* system32

 Save it As XP.BAT. Remember extension should be .BAT not .TXT

End Of Guide.


Jim George said...

I did not understand the following method after "GO". Could you elaborate the step?


* Download Aero Studio 2008. And Install.
* Run Aero, make your project with your favorite pictures and themes.
* Use "BOOT" directory as source for aero project.
* Use commands below for running setups for different windows.
* bcdw (cd)/SEVEN.BIN for Windows 7.
* bcdw (cd)/MYXP.BIN for Customized XP.
* bcdw (cd)/XPEN.BIN for Original XP.

* Make your basic iso by aero (For example d:\MyAero.ISO).
* Open d:\MyAero.ISO by Ultra iso and add contents of D:\Source directory to iso and save it.

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