Monday, June 20, 2011

How to Install New font for Nokia

Its often you get bored with the same appearance of your phone . I have found a method to install new font for Nokia phones There is many method to install new Font on Nokia  phones, most of them are pretty confusing. Here is the easy way.
What we going to need?
  • Font Router.
  • Fonts.
What is Font Router?
Font Router is a Symbian OS based mobile application  which make you enable to use external fonts for your Nokia phone. it was made to support  Chinese  font for North America Based Nokia Mobiles. Font router gone through mass modification after it made.
  • First download Font Router. From Here.
  • Install Font Router*.
  • Create a folder inside memory card’s data folder with the name “Fonts”.
  • Past your font there.
  • And restart your phone.
  • Remember only one font at a time.

*To install Font Router, we need to hack our phone. Its not  harmful for phone. Normally nokia phone do not accept an unsigned application. to make that acceptable for phone we need to patch the Rom(Hack). Here is the guide “How to hack Nokia Phone” .


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