Saturday, May 14, 2011

How to Install ATI’s Graphics Card Driver in Linux (Offline)

Note: this guide applicable for all version of Linux.

Linux is now become more famous than it ever was. During the using of the linux you might face some driver related issues, what we need to troubleshoot. One of most common driver problem occur when you installed your new GPU but unable to find driver for it. In this case you have to manually download the particular driver from manufacturer site.

How to chose right driver for GPU
  • Go to manufacturer website.
  • Then chose appropriate Operating system.
  • Then chose Architecture (32bit or 64bit).
  • Then The GPU card type.
The above step might differ from this Guide.

Download the driver with .run extension name. You may think that we normally use .dev, .rpm and etc type extension for Linux, isn’t it? And what is RUN format! This is also an executable format for all linux destro (version).

How to install Driver

  •  After downloading that file (driver) right click on that.
  •  Then go to properties and then permission tab.
  •  Check the option say allow file to execute or similar.
  •  Then Apply and OK
  •  Double click on the file and chose open in terminal option.
  •  That’s it. Then follow the rest of the process.
  •  After installations reboot your Linux.  |  Pijush Gupta


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