Tuesday, January 11, 2011

How to integrate Device Driver into Windows Xp installation Disc (cd/dvd)

Every time after installation of windows XP, You have to install your device driver each and every time. There is a method to reduce that effort. We need to create a XP installation disc with preinstalled driver. That mean when you installing Xp, at the same time your driver gets installed automatically.
All drivers are packaged differently, which is why we can't make a guide for every driver. But most of them can be extracted using extraction software and
will contain one, or several INF files inside. Extract your driver package to any folder, and examine the contents of it. Sometimes you will find several sub-folders containing the INF files

Here it is:
1. Download Nlite .
2. Copy the XP cd to a folder.
3. Install Nlite and run it.
4. Locate the xp folder.
5. Click next.
6. Mark the Driver option and bootable cd option.
7. Chose multiple Drivers option.
8. And select your driver(s) file(s).
9. Click next until .iso gets s build.
10. Done.


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