Thursday, December 29, 2011

How to Install Mac OS on PC

The way to install mac osintel based pc is real easy, and I mean it. Trust me your journey will be easy.
What we need?            
  •  An old/new Intel (chipset) based pc.
  •  Intel processors, Pentium 4 or higher.
  •  Dvd drive.
  •  Usb mouse and keyboard.
  • Minimum 1gb of Ram.
  • An internet connection to download Snowleopard OS(original or patched version like ipc or hazard edition ).
Note: to install original version of snowleopard we need iboot(just google it) to download and burn on an optical disk.Iboot act as a boot loader for the original snowleopard disk.

Step 1: 
Go any peer to peer file downloading (torrent) website search for ipc or snowleopard by hazard and download that. After downloading burn that .iso image on an optical disk.

Step 2:
Open CMOS configuration of your intel chipset based motherboard and make optical drive as first boot drive.

Step 3:
Insert the snowleopard disk into optical drive and reboot your pc. In the black and white screen just press F8 when it’s prompt for.  Now you can see that Darwin is loading then the semi white screen with apple logo.

Step 4:
Now you can see installation screen. Select installation language.Then accept the legal notice and go to tool menu and format the Hard drive (minimum9gb for installation). 
And you ready to go.


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